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Road-running through Arches National Park would be a big “Yikes!” without a license to drive a motor vehicle. You’re in luck because this page is designed for perfect preparation for your licensing exams. With resources like DLD practice tests, a marathon exam with hundreds of relevant questions, and a cheat sheet to help you with last minute cramming, this site far exceeds what is offered for the Utah DLD. Around a half of first time test takers fail on the first try so don’t leave anything up to chance. Whether you’re looking for motorcycle, car, or commercial vehicle licensing we’ve got materials to get you on the road and flying over the salt flats in no time.

Utah got the nickname The Beehive State, not because of a preponderance of buzzing bugs, but because of the industrious nature of its citizenry. With all that industry comes the need to transport goods all around the state. To be a part of that sector, you’ll need a Utah commercial driver’s license (CDL). To get one requires you to face both written tests and skills tests (which cost an additional $78). We have a comprehensive set of practice questions to make sure that you know exactly what will be on the exams before you get to the DLD. Whether you are taking the 70 question Class A exam, 50 Question Class B or C, or one of the endorsements for passenger and school busses, doubles/triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, or air brake restriction removal, we have you covered.

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Utah Driver’s License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my UT Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What age should I be in order to apply for a learner’s permit in Utah?

    You should be at least 15 years old before applying for your Utah permit.
  • What documents do I need when I go to apply for my license in Utah?

    You can go here for a detailed list of required documents. Some documents you will need include:
    • Proof of identity and lawful legal status
    • Proof of Social Security
    • Proof of Residency
  • Where do I go to apply for a driver’s license in Utah?

    Go to your nearest DMV office. Find one near you here.
  • How can I contact my nearest Utah DMV office?

    You can contact your nearest DMV office directly. Here’s a list of DMV office locations.
  • Who should bring me for my knowledge test in Utah?

    If you’re under 18, your parent will need to bring you in order to sign your application.
  • Does Utah require that I get a physical in order to get a license?

    You will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire.
  • Will I need a vision test when I go for my Utah driver’s license?

    Yes, your vision will be tested.
  • Where do I go to get my driver’s license picture taken?

    Your picture will be taken at the DMV office.
  • What’s the next step after I apply for my Utah permit?

    For those 17 or younger, you must hold your permit for 6 months and complete driver’s education. If you turn 18 while holding the permit, you may go ahead and apply for your license without completing driver’s education. For those who are 19 or older, you must hold your permit for 90 days. If you do not want to wait that long, you may go ahead to complete your driver’s education course in order to get your license. Applicants must also complete an additional 40 hours of practice driving.
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Here’s What Other Learners From Utah Are Saying:

"I passed the test on my first try, and I totally owe it to the practice tests on this site. Thanks a ton!"

Ej L., Salt Lake City, Utah

"When i took drivers ed in high school I failed my test the first time, then I started to take these tests and it helped me pass the second time."

Elizabeth R., West Valley City, Utah

"I used your service and was extremely prepared for the written exam as I changed states. I received a perfect score on the test."

Robert C., Provo, Utah

"Amazing website! I passed first try and it was even easier than the questions here! Amazing tool to study!"

Nohemi D., West Jordan, Utah

"Great practice exams for Utah tests. Read the DMV-issued manual once, take every single one of these practice tests, schedule an appointment at the Minuteman Drive location, pass the test with flying colors and under 2 minutes. LOL."

A.V., Orem, Utah

"I read through the book several times and was frustrated with the overload of information. I looked online for practice tests and found this site. I have never been so calm before an exam like I was for this one after going through all the tests. And I passed! Thank you, and keep it up!"

Jesta Kwasi, UT

"This site is amazing! I just barely skimmed through my handbook, and studied this for 2 weeks! I passed 1st try! Use this site. Some of the questions are almost identical to these ones!"

Haley Baldwin, Utah

"This site helped me a lot. I kept doing these tests again and again. I am on F1 visa so my test contained 50 questions. Many of them were on fines and point system and other formalities. Road questions were identical or alike these ones here. I passed. In fact, I did the test in 10-15 minutes but had waited in line for 2 hours before. You should know in advance what documents to bring. I came twice because I first brought letters which were not dated within 60 days. Thank you, the site is great. You should learn the book and do all the tests here and then rely on your common sense to pass."

Olya B, Utah
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